Благотворительный Фонд
при Детской городской клинической больнице №9
им. Г.Н. Сперанского
Регистрационный № 102770054378
+7 (499) 256-64-44


  • We contribute to the qualified treatment and rehabilitation of seriously ill children. 
  • We take care of the comfortable conditions of the hospital for patients and medical staff. 
  • We remember that while being sick kids still have some leisure time, so we do everything that we are able to do in order to provide them with exciting games, studies and play therapy. 
  • We implement the modern medical hospital equipment and training of doctors.
  • We implement a program of psychological help to patients and their families in the hospital and after discharge from the hospital. 
  • We help the families of our patients who are in a difficult situation. 
  • We assist donors in charity programs and take responsibility for the effective expenditure of charitable funds.