Speransky Hospital Fund — Our donors

Charity fund at the Pediatric Hospital № 9 named after G.N. Speransky
Registration number 1027700543782

Our donors


Within the framework of the program «World without tears» diagnostic and operative equipment for urological unit are provided annually.


This company partly sponsors our program of psycho-social rehabilitation for burns victims.

International Women's Club of Moscow

IWC has helped with different rehabilitation materials for the burn unit and individually to burn patients and their families.

British Women's Club

BWC supports our fund with medical supplies for the hospital and individual families and helps to send children to our Burn Survivors Camps.


The fund sponsors the work of psycho-social service in the burn unit.

Gazprom export

Gazprom export helps to supply the hospital with expensive medical equipment and rehabilitation materials for the Burns Unit.


Supports the programme of psycho-social rehabilitation of burned children, the purchase of games and rehabilitation materials.


Сompany supports our Emergency program, all the funds are used for buying compression garments and other rehabilitation materials that are needed urgently, they are also involved in supplying the playrooms of the hospital with games and art-materials.


The company regularly supports summer Burn camps, Children’s burn club and purchases rehabilitation materials

UniCredit Bank

UniCredit Bank supports our program of  psychosocial rehabilitation of burn victims.

DSL service

DSL service company helps us supply the hospital with medical materials and equipment which are not included in the hospital budget or are required immediately.

Law Office of Konkov A.A.

Konkov Law Office in Moscow is providing regular assistance to our foundation. The funds donated by the Law Office allow us to purchase personal protection kits for doctors, hospital disinfectants, medical equipment and materials.

Rotary Club Moskau Humboldt

RCMH supports our fund on a regular basis. Their donations allow us to buy dressing materials for the hospital and compression garments – special clothes for rehabilitation after burns. In 2020 they also agreed to support our psyco-social program, thanks to them 5 children could go to the Winter Camp. During pandemia of COVID-19 the Club members helped to supply the hospital with desinfection fluids and masks.

Rotary Club Moskau Metropol

The Club supports our psyco-social program on a regular basis. Thanks to them every day we can hold workshops in hospital playrooms, work individually with our little patients, invite them to our Burn Club and Camp. Club’s support  helps children with burns have a happy childhood within hospital grounds and return safely to normal life.


The company supports the program of social and psychological rehabilitation, the purchase of medical rehabilitation materials, buys expensive equipment for the hospital, which is not provided by the state budget, but is necessary for the treatment of children.


Brigde to Moscow is a group of licensed Moscow tour guides and interpreters who provide original and highly professional tours in and outside Moscow. The company donates part of its profit to Speransky сhildren’s hospital fund, that supports young burn victims.

English International School

English Internationa School East, West and South-West and its students help with medications for the hospital, providing individual help to the injured children and buy art materials and toys for our hospital playrooms. Moreover, helping us school children learn more about burns and importance of helping those in need. We are proud to say that on the New Year 2019-2020 children from EIS West were Santas for the children in our hospital, and we are looking forward to new projects and initiatives.


Niarmedic clinics placed our donation boxes in their offices.


Employees of this bank support our Foundation with private donations. With their contributions surgical and rehabilitation materials are bought.


One of our main partners in the purchase of rehabilitation materials.