Speransky Hospital Fund

Charity fund at the Pediatric Hospital № 9 named after G.N. Speransky
Registration number 1027700543782


We are Speransky Hospital Fund at Speransky Hospital № 9.

Our foundation supports Speransky children’s hospital №9 and the largest burn unit in Russia, which is located in the hospital. We supply the hospital with medical materials and equipment which are not included in the hospital budget or are required immediately.

Every year we acquire more than 10 million rubles worth of equipment, materials, and other miscellaneous needs for the Speransky children’s hospital. Nevertheless, our ultimate goal is to increase this amount once we discover the necessary funding. We are also planning on going in the direction of modernizing the hospital by supplying the burn unit with hi-tech top of the line equipment and by financing any form of professional development and growth for the medical staff.

Our fund is the only organization in Russia that implements the program of the psycho-social rehabilitation of burn patients and their families on a regular basis. Our specialists help approximately 2500 children and members of their families per year. Our psychologists and play specialists work with children not only during their stay at the hospital but also after they have been discharged.

We provide essential support for children and their families in the years following injury. Every month we invite them to Burn club meetings. Twice a year we organize camps for Burn Survivors. Our achievements in psycho-social rehabilitation of children with burn trauma have been officially recognized by the European burn association.